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Neva Hidajat is heading into 11th grade this fall. Expanding her knowledge of health and medicine is an early interest coming from her years as a competitive ice skater focusing on staying healthy and jumping back from countless injuries! During the pandemic, she's discovered the significance of mental health and wellbeing, and believes in sharing its value. She hopes that by listening to her Alphabet Soup Podcast ,"We can grow through knowledge together!"

Neva Hidajat

about the podcast

Medical conditions, myths, mental health, and their history, the maze of human emotions; on this show we explore them all in a series of short and sweet, weekly episodes. Positivity is woven throughout each episode of Alphabet Soup because Wellbeing starts with the Mindset.  "

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Everyone deserves to be happy. Research has shown that happiness in cancer patients can improve their outlook on treatment and life. How can we pursue happiness? A Portuguese study gives insight into two concepts of happiness in the cancer patient: self-perception and health literacy (knowledge). You'll find that these concepts are applicable to anyone. To anyone looking to find happiness, press play!